The WOW of the Heart children’s book is bilingual and for all ages. It is dedicated to children everywhere, including the child within that resides in every adult. The book facilitates self-learning and is divided into two sections. The first part of the book is  the story about a little boy and his bird friend  and how they discover and experience meditation. All illustrations are colorful oil paintings in Naïve art style. The second part of the book has two components: a guide for children and a guide for adults.  The guides are appropriately geared for respective age groups but many themes overlap regardless of age. The guide sections encourage and provide themes/concepts for self-enquiry, group discussion, active participation and practice in self-learning. It is of the author’s experience that we are never too young nor is it ever too late, to learn how to meditate and live by the heart’s intuitive wisdom ...for it is who we truly are.