WOW of the Magical Body


There are four premises to keep in mind while reading WOW of the Magical Body, which are listed below followed by a brief outline of the book. The book also has corresponding colorful diagrams and artwork that are particularly helpful in understanding the content.


The basic premises are an integral part of understanding Self. They can increase one’s ability to consciously influence the overall health of the body, mind and emotions. This increase in health allows, stimulates and fosters the foundation for the gradual emergence of one’s soul qualities. As these qualities inside our Self manifest, they will also be reflected outside of our Self and manifest in the world.  The premises are as follows:

1.    We are/ you are a soul (that has no beginning and no end) that temporarily resides in a body (a body that experiences life and death).

2.    WE are/you are living in a dimension/realm that is subject to natural laws. There are other dimensions/realms that are subject to their own respectful laws/rules i.e. astral realm.

3.    We can (consciously) choose (free will) to live according to or contrary to those laws/rules.

4.    These rules or laws are actually frequencies or energetic fields that our body, emotions and mental states can resonate with creating harmony or not, which creates disharmony and dis-ease.


Base on the above premises, we will journey through our own bodies discovering what our glands and organs do and how they relate and function independently and as a unit or system. We will discover that by making the effort to raise our consciousness we can open the door to increasing our frequencies or energetic fields. These higher frequencies can activate our abilities to participate in our own health.

The book is divided into six sections: 1) sacred geometry, (PHI ratio, Fibonacci Sequence and Spiral, Metatron’s Cube and the Flower of Life etc.). 2) glands, 3) organs, 4) frequency (full known spectrum and our spectrum and how it relates to music and the emotions), 5)  the 13 point chakra system, Inverted Tree of Life and the Three Pillars of Life and 6) an addendum to book one, WOW of the Heart. Glands and organ sections are divided by location, function and spiritual significance. Some complicated explanations contain an additional section, “SeeMore and Matisse Say…” This is a reference book for all ages… refer to it and read the section that applies to you. As your curiosity and knowledge grows proceed and investigate the other sections.