About The Artist
Artist N.E. Hayles has lived in Todos Santos, Mexico since 1990 and has exhibited works in the United States, Japan and Mexico for over 23 years. With degrees from the University of California at Santa Barbara and U.C. Berkeley in social sciences and education, she is a self taught artist and a master of the paper tile mosaic. Her art has been on display in the Galería de Todos Santos for a number of years is currently displayed in her own gallery located in Todos Santos.

Known for her unique paper tile mosaics, her pieces range from small to large format. They are available as commissions, originals, Nash Limited Edition Iris Prints, Epson Archival Prints, posters and postcards and cover such varied art themes as portraits, angels, florals, landscapes, seascapes, abstracts, architectural interiors and exteriors. In addition to working in paper tile mosaics, N.E. Hayles also works in oils, ceramics, venetian tiles and one of a kind furniture.

Art Classes

Art Classes available every other month either Paper Tile Mosaic or Totem/Intention/Prayer Stick Making. Classes are usually mid month and limited to eight participants

Available table d'hôte upon request when visiting Todos Santos, México.
Galeria N.E. Hayles also features the following  artists:

Young talented Mexican artist, Azia (contact Galeria N.E. Hayles), Photographer Claude Vogel from France, contact: mexsense.zenfolio.com and from the United States/Mexico Cathy, contact: Catherine Buchanan Photography and from Uruguay painter/sculptor Yandi Monardo, contact: Facebook: Art Yandi Monardo

"N.E. Hayles" work is a joyous explosion of color, elegantly composed, vibrating to many moods. Her universal subject matter is especially appealing as it echoes the 21st century global village. Her interpretive and fresh perspective of portraiture, landscape and still life evokes memories of timeless classic art."
Tina Allen, world renowned sculptor, artist


Some of the works by Artist N.E. Hayles are available in NASH LIMITED EDITION PRINTS. NASH EDITIONS is one of the most reputable art printers in the business. Prints are of the highest quality and made with archival Somerset watercolor paper and archival inks. All images have been professionally and digitally scanned from the originals by ART SCANS, one of the most respected scanners in the art field. All NASH LIMITED EDITION PRINTS are exact sizes or are very close to the size of the original. Please note that only (*) works are available in NASH EDITION PRINTS.

All NASH EDITION PRINTS are $1000.00 USD. Postage, handling and applicable taxes are included in the price.

Almost all art work is available in Archival Epson ink and paper prints, 13x17 directly from the artist.