N.E. Hayles is a self-taught artist and writer. She has lived in a small sub tropical oasis town of Todos Santos, Mexico since 1990.  The extraordinary  dramatic big skies and reclusive living has contributed to her ability to unite all the different influences, experiences and discoveries of her life, which is reflected in many of her art pieces. 
N.E. Hayles  is known for her unique art style using paper from high-end magazines as a source for her “paper tile” mosaics.  She also works in ceramic/Venetian tile, oil on wood/paper, metal laminate and mixed media, including gold and silver leafing. Themes are varied throughout each medium and cover various categories: icons, portraits, angels, landscapes, seascapes, abstracts, architectural interiors and exteriors, whimsical people and one of a kind steel frames.

Art works range from small (26cm x 36cm) to large format (122cm x 240cm).  Art work is available as originals, NASH Limited Edition Prints, Epson Archival Prints, posters, banners (vinyl and canvas)  and postcards. Commissions are welcomed.


University of California Berkeley: Post Graduate in Education.

University of California Santa Barbara in Social Sciences.    


N.E. Hayles has exhibited in the United States, Japan and Mexico. Works are collected internationally.